To contribute to india to make it once again centre for source of knowledge, and intellectually in world. To be leading edge of knowledge, inspiration, motivation and technology in world.


  1. To spread the awareness of power of knowledge
  2. To prepare professional students who can serve world for making it peaceful, green environment, clean atmosphere, equal opportunity to all, honestly.
  3. To undertake collaborative projects from industries and government which provide medium for interaction between academic and industry
  4. To be like interface between students and world.


  1. Integrity of academic and students.
  2. Keep motivate to student for excel in life
  3. Respect and tolerate the view of students, faculty, and staff
  4. To provide all modern facility to students, faculty, and staff
  5. Keep adding and changing according to requirement and demand
  6. Give opportunities to students to show their talent, - share ideas, creativity, thinking, knowledge

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